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Linda “GG” Gibson has been on a lifelong mission to help bring people together around good food, the kind she remembers from her childhood.  As a child in her grandmother’s kitchen, GG learned how to cook generations-old Creole recipes. 


Although her grandmother, Ella D. Smith, didn’t have a lot, she never skimped on flavor or presentation, taking great pride and pleasure in presenting fabulous meals.  This passion for food continues to inspire GG.

GG’s flair for culinary art developed into a career.  GG owned and operated GG’s Coffee and Café, a thriving restaurant and catering business in New Orleans, featuring her original Crawfish Pie and Signature Seafood Gumbo. 


After Hurricane Katrina left her business and home in ruins, GG, her husband and three children found themselves in Georgia.  The family endured a very difficult period of several years.  GG has overcome many hardships to establish GG’s Fine Foods. 

GG’s Fine Foods produces all of GG’s most popular recipes and brands in Woodstock, Georgia.  Under the labels “Mo Nawlin’s”, and “GG’s Real New Orleans Creole Cuisine”, - all infused with GG’s “rockin” flavors; never too hot, perfectly spiced.


GG’s products can be found in grocery stores, natural foods stores, institutional dining facilities and restaurants. 

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